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Air Compressors

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend



Aluminum Breaks

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
10' Aluminum Break Cutter$44.00$54.00$78.50



Compactors, Concrete Tools, & Jack Hammers

Item1/2 DayDayWeekendWeekly
Small Compactor (up to 2500lbs)$38.00$48.00$70.50 
Medium Compactor (up to 3000lbs)$52.00$68.00$99.50 
Concrete Bull Float with One Handle$15.00$16.50$22.25 
Extra Bull Float Handles (6' each)$6.00$6.50$7.25 
Concrete Finishing Float$6.50$8.00$8.50 
36" Power Trowel$56.00$68.00$99.50 
20lb Chipping Hammer$36.00$49.00$71.00 
68lb Jack Hammer$44.00$59.00$86.00
90lb Jack Hammer$54.00$69.00$101.00 
1.5 Ton Ride on Roller$105.00$145.00$250.00$405.00



Digging Equipment & Post Hole Diggers

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Kubota Excavator KX71-3 (Digging Depth 9' 7")(4 HOURS) $180.00$230.00$345.00
Dingo Walk Behind Skid Steer (1530 lbs tip capacity)$85.00$150.00$230.00
Dingo Trench Attachment$40.00$55.00$80.00
Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment$25.00$40.00$60.00
Dingo Bucket Attachment$20.00$30.00$55.00
Ground Hog Trencher (18" depth max)$70.00$98.00$144.50
Dog Fence Cable Installer Trencher$54.00$67.00$98.00
Kwik Trencher (8" depth max)$54.00$67.00$98.00
Hydraulic Post Hole Digger (6", 8", 10" augers available)$51.00$67.00$98.00
3PT Hitch Post Hole Digger (8" and 18" auger)$55.00$80.00$118.00
Kubota SSV65HV Skid Steer$150.00$200.00$310.00
Skid steer Post Hole Digger$105.00$140.00$210.00
Skid steer Trencher attachment$187.50$250.00$375.00




Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Appliance Dollies$11.50$14.00$18.50



Drills & Bits

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Core Drill$48.00$61.00$89.00
Core Drill 2" Bit$14.00$17.00$23.00
Core Drill 3" and 4" Bit$16.00$20.00$27.00
Core Drill 5" and 6" Bit$20.00$24.00$50.00
Rotary Hammer Drill 1-1/2"$44.00$54.00$78.50



Drywall & Scaffolding

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
11.5 ft Drywall Lift$28.00$34.00$48.50
5' Scaffolding$29.00$44.00$68.00
10' Scaffolding$45.00$60.00$100.00
15' Scaffolding$61.00$76.00$132.00
20' Scaffolding$77.00$92.00$164.00



Floor Tools & Sanders

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
17' Floor Scrubber$36.00$46.00$66.50
100lb Linoleum Roller$17.00$21.00$29.00
Orbital Plate Floor Sander$39.00$49.00$71.00
8" Drum Sander$37.00$46.00$66.50
7" Edger Sander$26.00$36.00$51.50
Drum Sander and Edger Combo (rates do not include sand paper)$50.00$64.00$88.50



Garden & Lawn tools and Rototillers

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Log Splitter (Vertical or Horizontal)$55.00$64.00$93.50
Billy Goat Bush Hog$74.00$94.00$138.50
4' York Rate$36.00$47.00$68.00
24" Lawn Roller (250lbs full of water)$14.00$19.00$26.00
12" Gas Powered Sod Cutter$64.00$84.00$123.50
Mantis Tiller$27.00$34.00$48.50
3HP Front Tine Tiller$36.00$47.00$68.00
6HP Rear Tine Tiller$48.00$64.00$93.00
8HP Rear Tine Tiller$59.00$70.00$102.50
Aerator - Ryan Gas Powered$60.00$77.00$113.00
Ride on Bush Hog$100.00$125.00$325.00
Flail Mower$110.00$160.00$240.00
Skid steer Brushcutter Attachment$112.00$150.00$225.00




Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
5000 Watt Generator$44.00$54.00$78.50



Lifts & Ladders

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
40ft Aluminum Ladder$22.00$27.00$38.00

Haulotte Opti 1930E Scissor Lift (Raises to 19" 8" with a working height of 24' 11" | 30" Wide Platform | 2.8 mph max drive | Flat smooth surfaces only for driving.)




Plumbing Tools & Water Pumps

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
2" Submersible Take Solids Pump (3,500 Gal/Hr)$26.00$28.00$47.00
2" Submersible Discharge Pump (4,000 Gal/Hr)$26.00$33.00$48.00
2" Centrifugal Pump (8,000 Gal/Hr)$34.00$44.00$54.50
2" Trash Pump (10,000 Gal/Hr)$34.00$44.00$57.50
2" x 20' Suction Hose$7.00$9.00$11.00
2" x 50' Discharge Hose$7.00$9.00$11.00
3" Trash Pump (20,000 Gal/Hr)$44.00$54.00$78.50
3" Suction Hose$9.00$13.00$15.00
3" Discharge Hose$8.00$11.00$13.00



Pressure Washers

Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Ariens 2800 PSI Cold Water Gas-Powered$57.00$78.00$114.50
2000 PSI Cold Water Gas-Powered$48.00$69.00$102.50
3000 PSI Cold Water Gas-Powered$57.00$78.00$100.00
Extend-O-Wand for Pressure Washer




Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
14" Stihl Demolition Saw$36.00$67.00$98.50
14" Walk Behind Concrete Saw$54.00$71.00$104.00
Echo CS-590 Chainsaw$46.00$51.00$74.00
Echo 620P Chainsaw




Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Dump Trailer (Holds up to 2000lbs and requires 2 5/16" Ball)$47.00$55.00$80.00
Blue Enclosed Trailer (Requires 2 5/16" Ball)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Any Trailer with Equipment Rental$35.00$35.00$50.00




Item1/2 DayDayWeekend
Metal Detector$18.00$24.00$33.50
Wall Paper Steamer$22.00$28.00$42.00





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